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Uniform Ideas for Escorts to Try!

Upon meeting your client, you should really delve into their sexual fantasies and desires. You meet many different clients who desire fetishes that most other women avoid.

Cosplaying or costume play is an enormous part of enjoying sex and people’s desires, and many couples in loving relationships take time out to play different roles.

Most escorts maintain a wardrobe overflowing with toys and costumes that keep the client coming back for more.

As an escort, it is essential to cater to every client and their unusual requests, and you will often find more business and bring in more clients if you provide them with the additional service of role playing. So, here’s some of our top uniform ideas for escorts to try:


Cheer Him On

If you haven’t already tried a cheerleader outfit, you are missing out. It is one of the most popular ideas, yet one of the most underrated costumes.

Cheerleaders traditionally dance around in scanty clothing, performing gymnastically and showing off their flexibility. Dressing up as a cheerleader will really tap into that buried schoolboy fantasy of long ago for many men.

Women tend to go for the school girl or teacher look, yet a cheerleader comes with all the same benefits and a lot more props!


Maid Up

The French maid is a really popular sexual fantasy. Men can imagine that their wives are fulfilling their tedious chores while they pursue the sexy little maid that silently sweeps around the house.

Using props such as a hover or a duster, you can really get creative and playful. Some men get a kick out of feeling dirty and unfaithful, and a maid outfit really brings these fantasies to life.


Girl scout

If you were ever in the Brownies when you were a young girl – dig that costume back out!

On London’s highstreets there are many tucked away girl scout outfits that are left untouched and unexplored.

You can really get creative with your props, too. A cookie box, a sash with ‘rewards’ and badges on, all wrapped up in that young-girl charm of high socks and a short skirt are sure to thrill your adventurous clients.

Knock on his door offering cookies, yet leave him with more.


Nursed back to health

A nurse outfit is a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. It is the most commonly sought after as you can really get stuck into some serious roleplaying.

Taking care of your ‘injured’ clients, a nurse outfit can really help them start to feel ‘better’ and satisfied. This plays into the nurturing aspect that all men really desire: a woman to look after them and abide to their pleasurable desires.


Sail away

Unlike the traditional nurse or police officer, why not try a sailor costume?

Men who work in arduous jobs like exploring the role reversals, and since sailing and the navy are typically dominated by men, switching it up can be really fun and sexy.

You can throw your man ‘overboard’ and reel him back in.

Perhaps your client has served in a similar job before, so letting him relax in this situation while you take charge can really be a huge turn on while you also show your appreciation for his work.


Go commando

Similarly to the sailor costume, dressing up as an army official or commander can really get his pulse racing!

This also comes with a lot of role playing: as a dominant officer you can subject your consensual client to your demands and requests.

You can generally have a lot of fun together by ‘forcing’ the client to abide to your strict rules and shouting. A huge part of this fantasy is that you are the dominant leader, bossing the client around for your own use and sexual pleasure.



Not wholly dissimilar to the cheerleader, the teacher costume comes with a range of props and utensils to be explored.

During role play, you could be punishing a naughty student or rewarding them for good behaviour.


It’s important to remember that not only do role-playing involve costumes, but it involves taking on a sexy persona by either yourself or your escort.

But, more importantly, have fun! There are no limitations and boundaries when it comes to role-playing, it can be whatever you make of it!