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Treat your Escort to a Gift!

If you have a regular lady or even are seeing an escort for the first time, it’s always a nice idea to bring a gift with you. However, the problem with finding the perfect gift when you hardly know the woman can be quite difficult.

You want to make a memorable impact, but don’t go too overboard with something she might not even like.

You can wow her with a big gesture and pricey gift, or simply show your gratitude and appreciation with something small and sentimental.

So, here’s our top gifts we recommend that is sure to bring a smile on your special lady’s face:


Pampering products

Makeup is always tricky to buy for women, it can take a woman years to find their perfect match, colour and brand. So it’s best you steer clear from that aisle.

However, that doesn’t mean you can rule out pampering and beauty products altogether. If you regularly visit a particular escort, snoop about to what her favourite perfume is.

Perhaps compliment her scent so she will tell you, and surprise her with it weeks later. This shows that you really appreciate your lady and have thought about her outside of the booking hours.

However, you want to avoid getting her things that are too basic like body spray or deodorant as this could come across as offensive.

Escorts aren’t destitute, so really think about what you’re buying her if you want to make a good impression.



You really can’t go wrong with flowers. If you put some time and research into it, you could find out her favourite type or one that reflects the beauty of your special lady.

The downside with flowers nowadays is that they are perceived as a cop-out idea. They’re not really special or sentimental, but women still love receiving flowers all the same.



This is usually a good idea to get your escort.

Take note of what she drinks on one of your dates. Is it a deep red Merlot? Or a crisp white sauvignon blanc?

Not all escorts drink on the job, however, so you might have to do some snooping to really find out.


Take her shopping

Doing something memorable together can be a great alternative to a gift!

You could go shopping together where you treat your escort to something she actually likes, or even on a blow-out shopping spree if you can afford it.

Buying clothes for your escort is generally a no-no as women have different tastes and styles. However, opting to take her shopping means that she gets to choose according to her size and fashion sense.


Gift cards

If you’re not a fan of blowing every penny you’ve got in a shopping spree, buying a simple gift card from her favourite shop could be the answer.

You can outwardly ask her where she likes to shop or even go undercover and pry in the labels of her clothing. Make sure you do this discreetly though as you could look like a creep smelling or stealing her clothes!

Escorts will really appreciate a gift card: she understands that you probably can’t pick for her and money can easily get taken up on bills and living expenses.

A gift card says that you care and you want her to treat herself to something nice for a change. She can spend the money without feeling guilty or without having to return the gift as she chooses what she actually likes.



Lingerie can be quite expensive depending where you go, and escorts take a lot of time in carefully selecting and trawling through the shops for the right matching pair.

You could eliminate this stress by surprising her with some you’ve selected, and of course this is beneficial to you too as you get to see her wear it!

Her size and measurements may already be on her online profile, but asking her isn’t really that strange considering the nature of your dates.

If you are meeting for the first time, again it’s probably best to steer clear from this as it could come across a little too suggestive and forward for a first meeting.


Fun activities

If she’s adventurous or interested in travel, why not take her on a fun trip out? Try an escape room or a romantic meal on a canal boat.

You will of course have to pay her for her time, but you might find that she greatly appreciates the break from performing the same old routine daily.

You will certainly be memorable to her and she will look forward to seeing you again.


Be careful when it comes to buying gifts. It’s important that you don’t really expect anything in return such as a freebie or discounted date; you are buying the gift as a good gesture.

Not a trade-off. It’s best that you know your escort reasonably well as a first time meeting with an expensive gift could come across as a bit too strong.

Some escorts feel that the gifts could be a little inappropriate and suggestive that the client wants to build an actual relationship with the escort outside of the date, so be warying as to what your escort is really looking for.

She might have already outlined in the screening process that she is not fond of gifts, in which case obviously steer clear and perhaps give her a large tip instead.