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Social Events: The Do's And Don'ts

This article from Pleassure Girls is going to be focusing on what to do and what not to do at social events with your escort. This can be from anything like weddings, corporate and birthdays and to us if you choose to take one of our exceptional girls from Pleassure Girls with you, it’s quite important that you read this article and adhere to what it tells you.

The Don’ts:

Don’t tell anyone that she is an escort - This is pretty straightforward and important when it comes to escort etiquette when out and about. If she tells someone she is an escort then that is her prerogative however that doesn’t then give you the right to do the same. She is a high-class lady that is with you to celebrate an evening with you because you’ve chosen her too, don’t turn out to be incredibly rude and give out personal information about her as she would not do that to you.

Don’t buy here too much to drink - This pretty normal with all girls as they don’t want to get drunk and forget the night they had and also don’t want to make a fool out of themselves. This goes to show that this is the case with all women but our escorts especially, we want you to enjoy a night out with our girls and remember the great night that you both had not feel awful in the morning with a blank memory. As we all know this isn’t the best way to go about things.

The Do’s:

Treat her like a queen - Everyone wants to be treated with respect and that is no different with an escort from Pleassure Girls, if you’re treating her like the absolutely gorgeous girl she is then both of you will get along swimmingly. All in all this point is more like general common sense, treat her how you want to be treated. As you’re both then going to continually enjoy your social event with a lot more passion and romance if you both can do this to the best of your abilities.

Compliment here as much as possible - One of the many things that are truly exquisite escorts from Pleassure Girls like hearing is there clientele compliment how gorgeous they are and how well they have dressed for your event. If you’re wanting to book one of the most excellent companions that you will ever come across then visit our Gallery and start your social evening that you will never forget, as the girls at Pleassure girls are the best of the best in their profession and want nothing more than to make you the happiest bunch of guys and girls in the world. Of course only for the short amount of time that you can have them for, but you will love them nonetheless.