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Sexy Bedroom Games

When you have an escort that you regularly see, you gradually build a real companionship with them. As you start to build this bond of trust and get to know each other’s bodies, you might feel a little more adventurous to try some bedroom games to heat things up a bit and gain more confidence. However, make sure you discuss your fantasies and wishes with your escort prior to the booking so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to her and you are both on the same page.


Role Play

Role-playing is one of the UK’s leading fetishes. You can play and act as someone else together, switching up roles and fulfilling sexual fantasies.

There are lots of options when it comes to role playing, too, as your escort can go down the costume route (such as a sexy nurse or French maid) or cosplaying TV and comic characters (such as cat woman or Daenerys from the Game of Thrones).

The opportunity to dress up and transform into someone else can be a really big turn on for clients, especially if you are a fanboy of a certain show that your escort has chosen to embody.


Tie Her Up

Women love being tied up in the bedroom, and it clear to see why it is one of the biggest UK kinks. You can dominate your escort this way, having your complete way with her while she squirms under handcuffs.

Obviously you have to discuss this with your escort first, taking her by surprising and tying her up could end really badly and scare your escort from ever seeing you again.

The escort will probably negotiate a ‘safe word’ with you that can be used if she feels things could go too far, at this point you have to stop and honour the ‘safe word’ and respect the escort’s wishes.

However, if it all goes to plan, tying your escort up can be a lot of fun! You can get creative with what you use, such as handcuffs or even the belt you’re wearing and a pair of tights!

You can choose whether to tie up just her hands or – if she is comfortable with it – you can tie up her feet, too to have complete control over her body.


Fantasy Lucky Dip

If you’re feeling shy around your escort initially, why not suggest a fantasy bowl or hat? Here you can write down your favourite fetishes or kinks and throw them in a bowl along with hers.

You are encouraged to write down your naughtiest ideas that you’ve been dying to try, but obviously keep them relatively respectful as you don’t want to catch your escort off guard.

Once you have written a few down, both you and your escort should choose one each and try it out together! It can get really fun very quickly, and with a whole bowl of ideas for you try out, the game never ends!



The Dice Game

The dice game can be a particularly good warm-up before you get under the covers. To play this game, all you need are two sets of regular dice and paper and a pen.

On one piece of paper, the client can write down actions assigned to a number such as number 1 could mean ‘lick’ while the escort writes down erotic body parts assigned to the numbers such as number 2 could be ‘nipples’.

This permits both you and your escort to have a lot of fun very quickly as you roll both the dice and perform sensual and erotic acts on one another.


There are plenty of other sexy bedroom games that can be played with your escort, it’s all about how inventive you can get with them.

You can dig up old games you used to play in university such as ‘would you rather’ or ‘never have I ever’ as you can pretty much make any game a naughty stripping game with some imagination!

Just be sure to check with your escort that she is comfortable with your bedroom games. She most likely will welcome the games though as they are an extremely fun way to break the ice!