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Reasons to Hire an Escort

There are many reasons you might hire an escort. They are very sociable people who enjoy spending time with their clients, and clients get a lot more than what they pay for – emotionally and romantically.

There are many reasons why people choose to hire escorts, ranging from sexual needs to a desire for companionship. Whatever your reasons, you can rest assured that Pleassure Girls will have you covered. In the meantime, however, what are the most common reasons for people hiring escorts?


A lot of men go to escorts to fulfil a gap in their lives. Escorts offer a cure to loneliness and intimate frustration – especially if men are in a romantic rut and are sexually starved. Men who get rejected from women regularly find that their wants and needs can be satisfied by an escort. Better still, an escort builds men’s confidence so that they can pursue a romantic interest slowly in the real world without coming on too strong. Professional escorts look beyond physical appearances and instead build genuine connections with their clients. Men can then build on their common interests and personality which in turn, helps them pick up an actual woman.



Clients even go to escorts for an alternative method of therapy, and it’s cheaper, too. Regular therapy with a councillor can take a long time and could leave a man completely bereft of his savings, putting him in a worse situation than the one he was in in the first place. If they’re going through a messy divorce or grieving from loss in their lives, men to turn to escorts to escape from the pressures of reality. As a companion, an escort can help a man come to terms with the difficulties they’re facing in a non-judgemental and comforting space. By hiring an escort, men can confide in someone and share secrets they’d normally keep buried and hidden from their friends and family. They can even build a genuine and caring relationship over time, so the escort can really get to know what the client is struggling with and function as a companion or a shoulder to cry on. Human interaction is scientifically proven to relieve symptoms of depression and stress, so a couple of hours with an escort can provide a unique experience in which clients can temporarily forget and ignore their daily struggles.



Escorts commit time and devotion into their clients, helping to build their confidence and experiences. Men can learn many new skills from paying to be with a woman, both sexually and emotionally. They can understand women on a deeper level, learning to fulfil a woman’s human needs. By going to an escort, clients can then utilize their experiences in day-to-day lives when picking up and dating another woman in the real world, achieving a permanent real-life relationship with someone special. It is not uncommon for men to visit escorts and then settle down only a few years later with a wife and children.


Saving Time

On the other hand, another benefit of hiring an escort is that a lot of men don’t have time for genuine relationships. Busy with work or other commitments, some men struggle to build a lasting relationship with a woman. They go to escorts to fulfil their human needs and desires so that they can continue with their work undistracted. Some men loathe relationships altogether: they prefer the freedom of single life. Relationships often come with baggage, yet escorts are a viable alternative to relationships as they come with all the benefits and little cons. Hiring an escort is a convenient service and fast-track ticket to a romantic date, including sex without all the complications and strings attached.


Something New

A lot of men hire escorts out of curiosity to try something new. There are beautiful women available for every mood and ‘type’. Unfulfilling and stagnant relationships can often leave men wandering to the other side to see if the ‘grass is greener’ and are pleasantly surprised at the variety available. Not forgetting that escorts are usually a lot more sexually advanced than regular women, men can fulfil their fetishes or fantasies without being judged, and men who are sexually inexperienced need not feel intimidated by an escort, as they are trained to be able to please their clients regardless of how sexually experienced they might be. Whether you're a sex veteran who wants to indulge a fetish or a virgin with no sexual experience whatsoever, our escorts are sure to satisfy you.