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How to get the Best from your Booking

Whether you're on the road looking for some companionship or looking for a way to spice up your evening, hiring an escort can give you a pleasurable and memorable experience. However, many customers can be left feeling overwhelmed or in some cases disappointed. Therefore, we have cultivated a list of rules that will ensure you get the best from your escort.

1.Do your research

Every escort offers something different and unique to them. If there's anything on her profile you don't approve of- find another girl! Or similarly, if your chosen escort isn't advertising specific services that are suited to you. Don't try to compromise, find another girl!

2. Don't Haggle

Rates are non-negotiable. If you respect your escort from the onset- you're bound to have a smooth and pleasant evening. More So, it is worth double checking how your escort prefers to take her payment. There's nothing worse than handing over a cheque when her profile clearly states cash only.

3. Treat it like any other date

You wouldn't show up to any other date ungroomed, unshowered and dressed badly. So make sure you show up looking immaculate for when you do go to meet her. First impressions are everything! Just because you're paying for her services, doesn't mean you can slack. Treat it like any other date and you're bound to have a smooth experience.

4. Don't be afraid to ask

Afterall you are paying your escort for her time so it's okay to suggest what you would like to do during that time. Politely ask and if she agrees, great! If not respect her decision and don't persist.

5. Plan your date well

Planning your date is essential and also key to ensuring the evening goes smooth. Book a table at your favorite restaurant or take her out to your favorite spot. It is your chance to show off your beautiful girl to the entire world. A beautiful escort is the perfect arm candy, so make sure to wine, dine and spoil her.