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Freedoms of Escorting

There are a multitude of freedoms to enjoy when it comes to escorting, especially in London. The city promises many new and alternative places, from mysterious little hideaways inspired by the Mediterranean to typically British tourist attractions. The men that wander through London similarly offer an exotic escape, promising diversity and a fascinating cultural outlook than the same rigmarole from London – and British – men. The main benefit of escorting is that you are your own boss as escorts set their boundaries and work schedule to suit them.


Financial freedom

However, one of the main reasons women choose to escort is that they achieve financial freedom and independence. Deciding on their own rates and prices while setting their limits is empowering. Escorts earn substantially more than the average woman, allowing them to flourish as independent women as they can invest long-term into their lives such as a mortgage or a car. Many women choose to escort on the side of another full-time job, and that extra wad of cash really helps to transform their basic salary into one of a lavish lifestyle. Often on dates, the men will treat their lady for the night with expensive gifts – or even holidays if they build a long-lasting business relationship, and who would say no to that?


Free schedule

Most escorts are self-employed and self-design a schedule to fit around their busy life. Having extra money on the side means they are able to experience and do additional things that women in regular jobs usually can’t. Taking time off for holidays is not a problem when escorting since you can travel all around the world without losing out on money.

Escorts are essentially freelance daters. They can choose when, where and how they meet clients while also getting to experience places such as restaurants and hotels they normally wouldn’t go to. Even with an agency, the escorts have a lot of freedom and options. Some women only see a few regular clients that are staggered across a month, while others will encounter plenty of different men and treat it as their full-time job on a day-to-day basis.



Deciding the clientele can also be a huge bonus to escorting. The women have the freedom to say no to a potential customer – you don’t have to put up with someone being rude or aggressive like you would in a normal customer service job. Escorts make their own rules and limitations of how far they can go with a client, too. 


Sex and Relationships

Escorts also have the opportunity to become intimate with attractive men who don’t have time for real relationships. They can fulfil their sexual, emotional and romantic needs and desires while also making a lot of money. Escorts generally love sex and intimacy, and are often able to enjoy different fantasies or fetishes that most other women shy away from. Occasionally, women even build long-lasting, deep and meaningful relationships with their clients which not only guarantees regular income, but regular satisfaction and affection.

Another freedom of escorting is that you can meet many different people from different backgrounds, cultures and nations. Escorts can see different parts of London they might never have been before and really get to know the city – and beyond. It’s clear to see why many women are turning to escorting in London, the freedoms and limitless and the boundaries set entirely to their choice.