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Fetish Frenzy

Almost everyone up and down the UK has a fetish they keep hidden or are dying to explore. A sexual fetish is defined as the desire for an object, body part or material for sexual pleasure or arousal.

Many escorts have come across multiple fetishes, ranging from the most bizarre to some pretty standard requests. However, modern society stigmatises fetishes which leaves people feeling isolated.

A lot of people fear discussing their fetish with a partner through fear of rejection or humiliation, yet if they were to try it, would be pleasantly surprised and keen to try more!

This is why escorts are a great avenue to venture down with and are well practised when it comes to trying out and relieving your fetish.

So, what’s the most popular fetishes in the UK that you can try with your escort?



Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey dominated popular media and culture, the UK has blown up its love for bondage, domination and submission fantasies.

Standing for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism, there are certain levels and degrees you can take BDSM in the bedroom – or sex-room.

By rule, it generally involves a power role reversal between two consenting adults whereby the Dominant demands acts – whether sexual or not – by the Submissive who must obey.

There are plenty of escorts that specialise in BDSM across London who are experts, dealing with newbies to old professionals, escorts in London have you covered.


Rubber, latex or leather

This fetish hones in on those who love the feel, smell and even taste of rubber, latex or leather.

The escort and the client gain sexual enjoyment and pleasure by wearing or seeing their lover in these materials, not wholly dissimilar to bondage.

Escorts in London have a range of leather wear and rubber clothing especially for these clients, so do not be shy to ask!



Sexual role-playing is fun for both the escort and the client: you can really delve into a character or sexual fantasy without feeling awkward.

It is more than indulging in a nostalgic fantasy such as Princess Leia’s slave scene, but about embodying a different persona.

It can really help to break the ice with your escort as well as opening up a whole new realm of situations and ideas that you would never normally act out.

You can experience great satisfaction and fulfilment from role-playing, and really get creative with it too!


Voyeurism or exhibitionism 

This fetish can be quite difficult to achieve with your escort since exhibitionism – sex or ‘indecent expose’ outside in public places – can be risky and could come with consequences.

However, there are plenty of escorts that specialise in this field and really get off to exhibitionism themselves. If you’re into voyeurism – the act of watching a naked person or a couple having sex – this can also be easily accessed in the escorting industry.

Since the porn industry has hit off at an all-time high thanks to the internet, voyeurism is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely recognised fetish.

These are just a handful of fetishes for you to try with your escort.


However, there are plenty more such as spanking, foot worship, water sports and group orgies or sex parties that escorts in London are readily available to try and explore with you!