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Can Escorts and Clients Date?

Escorts are professional women that clients pay to date. They’re essentially professional daters that are highly equipped and trained at what they do. Often they work under an agency for security and protection as they’re hired for a unique service and experience. The women are extremely good at what they do, and so most of them draw a line between a ‘working date’ and an actual date that could lead to a romantic relationship. However, that’s not to say that a pre-paid date is just a business transaction: the escorts can make the date as romantic and personal as the client wishes. It’s quite common for clients to build a real and deep connection when spending time with an escort.

As a general rule, outside of ‘working hours’ escorts aren’t inclined to mix with their clients. Like many of us, they like to keep their working life and private life completely separate. If they do work under an agency, they could run the risk of being fired if they’re caught seeing their clients in secret. It’s a business, and like many businesses, giving out freebies is a no-go.

In actuality, many of the girls have a completely different livelihood outside of work. Often their closest circle of friends and family don’t know what they do. Some even have another full-time job in an industry that’s highly reputable and they risk the run of being fired should their employers or clients find out they escort on the side for extra cash.


High Risk, High Reward

Escorts are also very wary about dating their clients: it’s a risk to muddle work with relationships. They don’t want to send the wrong signals or build a real, romantic relationship with a client should it fall through and then damage their clientele and line of work. Escorts also run the very real risk of encountering stalkers and extremely dangerous people, so often women aren’t keen on dating their clients outside of the protection of their agency.

Escorts are professionals that deal with clients as you would a customer in day-to-day life. However, that’s not to say that the women grin and bear it. The escorts love their job and enjoy meeting new people. Having clients that they see on a regular basis is as rewarding and fun as normal professionals enjoying seeing their business partners, colleagues and clients.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for escorts to completely rule out socialising or romantically dating their clients in secret and outside of their bookings. As the women are naturally social people, they can build natural friendships and relationships with strangers very quickly. A lot of men have triumphed with achieving an actual, loving relationship with an escort they had previously paid to date. When escorts and clients have genuine chemistry and relate to one another, feelings can be developed that occasionally lead into meaningful relationships. It’s important to note, though, that should an escort choose to date one of her clients outside of the bookings, clients should not expect nor demand the same services that they get when they pay.

It’s best to maintain a distance when it comes to dating escorts outside of working hours. Clients pay for a premium service that escorts make as ‘real’ and believable as possible. The benefits to seeing an escort regularly is that clients can build their experiences and confidence when approaching regular women. Escorts help men with their personal dating lives and turn them into impressive lovers. Escorts essentially act as relationship therapists for their clients to build a real relationship with a woman they meet naturally in the real world.