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Breaking the Ice with an Escort!

Your first meeting with an escort can be very nerve-wracking and an anxious experience.

Luckily for you, there are numerous tips and games you can both play to really break the ice and get things heated up between you before you hit the sheets.

It’s important to remember that you are not expected to break the ice or make the first move. The escort is the professional and she is the one in charge.

However, here are some top tips and ideas if you really want to surprise your lady and take the lead:


Ask for a massage

You can ask for a massage or alternatively giver her one. This really breaks the ice as it opens up to skin-on-skin touching and gentle stroking.

You can slowly remove her clothes or she can remove yours and use massage oils to really get your senses tingling.


Eat food off one another

Now, this might sound a bit forward and extreme at first, but if you bring some chocolate with you why not suggest she eats it from somewhere on your body?

Again, this is similar to a massage as it initiates soft touching and playing, getting everyone aroused to the situation and can actually be quite funny as well as a sexy and memorable experience.


Wine and dine

If it’s your first time with a new escort, then you might want to take her out briefly for some food or a drink.

This is a really good opportunity to get to know your escort and ultimately flirt with her! This will make the bedroom activities all the more natural.

You can chat to her and ask her questions that you might have previously thought of in your preparation to her arrival. It’s important to treat the escort as you would a normal date, and by doing so you will find it flows a lot more effortlessly.


Play games

If you’re really nervous, you can suggest playing some sexy games to get you both in the mood.

You can play some stripping games whereby you ask the escort some questions about yourself, and if she gets them wrong (which she will do because she doesn’t know you yet) she will have to take off some clothing!

You can also create a ‘fantasy bowl’ or hat in which you both write down sexy ideas or fantasies you want to try and pick them out of the hat.


If you’re still really nervous and are wary to try any of these ideas, you can always just speak to your escort and let her take control of the wheel.

She will make you feel comfortable in no time and will break the ice for you by stripping for you or undressing you.

You could simply just ask for what you want upon her arrival – while remaining respectful – but she will not feel shy or intimidated to carry out with what you want her to do to you.

Sometimes by saying out loud what you want, it is a big turn on for the both of you and a great ice breaker to get you both hot and heavy.