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Advice for our first-time clients

Booking an escort can be a daunting experience especially if it's your first time. Which agency should I go through? Are they trustworthy? Or you may have had a bad experience in the past. Ideal for businessmen who are regularly traveling and are seeking an evening of companionship, or if you're just a person looking to try something new.

For your convenience, we have cultivated a list of do's and don'ts that will aid you through the entire process. Keeping in mind, each agency has their own rules and mannerisms, however, there are some 'universal guidelines' that are worth following.

What escorts expect from you!

1. Respect

Both you and your escort want one thing, that is to have a fun and pleasant evening. One thing that won't be tolerated is violence. Abusive clients can get in trouble with the agency and the police. Be on time, well groomed, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and never book an appointment for yourself with the intention of having multiple people over.

2. Consent & staying in control of the situation

Just because you pay for an escort, does not mean you have a right over them. The main priority for an escort alongside having a good time is to feel safe and protected with their client. If your escort expresses she feels uncomfortable or at unease. Stop.

3. Concealing their identity

Majority of escorts use a different identity for many reasons, either be it to keep their private life separate from their work life to not being known by family and friends. Whatever the reason, respect her decision.

How do I get in touch?

Many agencies are trustworthy and supportive throughout the entire process. In most situations, your first line of contact will be either by phone, email or the website itself of your chosen agency.

What to do next once you've chosen your desired agency?

1. Payment

Check the website for their preferred payment method. Escort agencies vary, some accept credit card payments only, some also accept cash instalment.

Majority of agencies are clear-cut on the website of their pricing and method of payment. If it doesn't suit you, you're better off finding another agency instead of trying to negotiate.

2. Check rates

Make sure you've read the rates online or asked over the phone. Do not bother negotiating the price, most agencies will turn you down there and then for doing so. Respecting the escorts rates is vital and a reflection on the type of individual you are too.

3. Check the services provided

Within the UK where prostitution is illegal, asking for sexual services over the phone is a no go. Especially if the site clearly states, 'Companionship Only'. Respect that and do not try to negotiate, because you will be turned away.

4. Don't call drunk

If you're under the influence of alcohol over the phone, you're most likely to be turned away. Those under the influence of alcohol are more likely to violate the two major concerns of an escort- potentially abusive clients and not being in control.