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5 Things You Should Not Do When With a Client

Being an escort in London naturally comes with risks. It’s important to stay safe at all times and be on guard to recognise signals that your client could be dangerous. Here’s our top 5 things not to do when with a client.


Don’t tell him your real name

Staying anonymous is crucial to maintaining a healthy distance from your client. A lot of women use pseudonyms and choose to meet their clients in discrete but public places to avoid complications. Don’t meet a client for the first time at your home address as this could have massive repercussions: it is not uncommon for men to develop an unhealthy obsession with their escort. Should the client discover you have a private life outside of the time you spend with him, you could be in trouble. Alternatively, you could rent another apartment just for your business that you can treat as an office. Another tip at staying anonymous is not to carry any ID or documents on you that have evidence of your real name and address. Purchase a separate phone for your business under a different name.


Don’t be naïve

Don’t be naïve: get your payment upfront or at least have a system in place that ensures you get your money properly. Some men will take a free ride should you forget to outline the payments upon meeting, or some will just forget and race out of the door when their time is over. Most women choose to be paid by cash as banks might question your income and profession, not to mention that dodgy clients can easily cancel a payment while its processing. It’s worth investing in a safe scan bank note checker or pen too as some men might try to get away with paying you with fake currency.


Don’t go to places or do things you’re uncomfortable with

As soon as you meet your client for the first time, outline your services and what you are and not willing to do and how long it should take. You don’t want to end up in a vulnerable position, in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Stick to what you know to secure yourself.


Don’t suggest that you’re being paid for sex

It’s crucial that you do not talk about money in exchange for sex with a client. While prostitution is legal in the UK, you don’t want to complicate your job role. As an escort, you are paid for the companionship, dates and a premium service, not just intimacy and sex. So, make sure you stick to a script. Clients should generally know the rules and most often want to have a realistic experience. Anyone asking specific details should be a red flag.


Don’t rely on your clients for transportation

If you give the client too much control of your whereabouts, you could be put in a difficult situation. Make sure you verify the address where you’re meeting and arrange your own transport – there and back. By organising a pick up afterwards, you ensure your own safety by a second party who can pick you up. Alternatively, you could hire a driver who can wait outside for you while you work. You might need to leave quickly, so having an exit plan and knowing exactly where you are is crucial to staying safe. Besides, having someone wait outside for you sends a clear message to your client that someone is watching for your safety and that he needs to behave.

If you follow these rules, you will maximise building a successful clientele with a lot of money coming in. You can escort safely and still have all the perks of the job. You should always let someone close to you know exactly where you are and avoid meeting a client off the books and in private at all costs.