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5 Things To Do With Your Client

Escorts create a specialist and unique service to whisk their clients away into an idyllic, perfect romantic date. It’s important from a business point of view that you make the experience as suited to the client’s desires as possible, so you must make a lasting impression and seek to maintain his happiness. This way you will bring in regulars and build a clientele founded on trust, ensuring your safety in the long-run.


Be as much as yourself as possible

Clients like a realistic experience with escorts and that’s what keeps them coming back for more. It is important that you stick to your business script upon meeting (i.e. Outlining your services and what you can and can’t do), but then relax! Enjoy the date, enjoy your client’s company and have an altogether enjoyable experience. Avoid dishing up too much about your personal life, but share stories and intimate details as you would on a normal date. Clients like to think they are having a unique and personalised experience with you, and you don't have to pretend - you can make that happen!


Explore new places

London is a vast multicultural cosmopolitan sphere, waiting to be explored. A lot of men like a unique date and are most likely to keep you flagged as their favourite if you take them somewhere new. It’s not all about what you can do, but what you can experience and see together. Checking in to the same place all the time can get very tedious for you, and this will come across when you’re sat with your date.


Do discuss payment upfront

Payment is one of the trickiest things to get around as an escort: the last thing you want is to find you haven’t been paid properly due to an error or dodgy client. Upon screening and your first meeting, outline straight away what your services are and what you’re being paid for. Quote him an amount and give him plenty of time to arrange the money together – in cash and in an envelope for you when you first arrive. Check it all privately, and don’t do anything without receiving it all in full. Asking for payment at the end can turn the date sour, so make sure it’s clear from the start what is expected from both parties.


Always carry protection

This is pretty obvious, but always carry extra protection just in case. However, this isn’t enough when it comes to protecting yourself: have a brief scan of your client’s body. If there are any irregularities or concerns, do not be afraid to ask or refuse a service. If he doesn’t look well-groomed and clean, you can always request he bathes. There is no need to point yourself at risk of disease and danger, so don’t be shy to raise any questions as your body could be put at risk which could put you out of business should you have an infection or STI.


Find out his fetishes and interests

One of the best parts of escorting is exploring different fantasies and interests. Upon meeting, coax out of your client any sexual fetishes he may have and prepare for them. Invest in sex toys that you could play with together and generally make him feel comfortable enough to explore these things with you. Many women in his life may have rejected his ideas in the past, so be sure to remain sensitive and enthusiastic to what he suggests – providing it isn’t putting you at risk or is out of your personal boundaries.

You can have plenty of fun as an escort in London so long as you look after yourself first. You are your own priority, and the client’s needs come second. So, enjoy yourself and relax. It’s the best way to keep business coming time and time again.